With Christmas Over

With Christmas over, and the long winter stretching ahead, it is easy to forget the song, to let the music fade. For there are more important things to think about. It is time to quit the carols and get back to the real world. Put away the decorations, and accept a dreary existence. After all, Christmas only comes once a year. Right?


“The child sleeping in the night … He will bring us goodness and light.”

Not only at Christmas, but in the midst of the deadlines and aching muscles, in spite of the conflict and tension, in the heart of the hours that are too long and the breaks that are too short.

Goodness and light. Hope. Himself. The child. The Son of God. With us always, even to the ends of the world.


This reading is taken from Finding Christ in the Carols, inspired by lyrics from well-known Christmas Carols. Available for only $2.99 this month, this devotional will help you find refreshing moments of devotion and reflection during the busy holiday season.