Joy in Creation – New Year Devotional

The first words God spoke into the darkness of pure void and nothingness was, “Let there be light.”

And there was light.

And He saw that it was good.

And so He continued to create. All things He made were good, and beautiful, and lovely.

The sum of His creation, set into the center of His world, was mankind, created in His image.

And as He joyed in creation and saw that it was good, so we over the millennia have found joy in creating. Of course, only God made something out of nothing. We have something to work with. Clay or marble if we are sculptors. Words and rhythm if we are writers or musicians. Movement and balance if we are dancers. All good things He gave us, and in His image, we seek to create to honor Him.

And if we do honor Him in our creativity, the things we create are, in their own way, light – reflections of He who is the Light of the world. And we seek to continue doing so, for it brings joy to us and hope to others.

The sun is setting on the old year, but it will rise on the new.

It is a good time to stop and think back on the year that has passed. Perhaps some of the creations we have made have not been what we had hoped to create. Perhaps, at the start of the year, we had one thing in mind, and the works of our hands have transformed into something we did not intend.

But the sun is setting on this old year, and it will rise on the new. “Let there be light,” God spoke, and there was light. There will be light again.

So tonight, as the sun sets on the old, it is a perfect opportunity to kneel before Creator of Heaven and Earth, and give the New Year to Him. To open your hands and commit to Him the works of your hands in the upcoming year. To tell Him that you seek to please Him with all that you create. To ask Him to guide your hands and your words and your movements, so that they may glorify Him with the rising of the sun on the New Year.


This reading is taken from Finding Christ in the Carols, inspired by lyrics from well-known Christmas Carols. Available for only $2.99 this month, this devotional will help you find refreshing moments of devotion and reflection during the busy holiday season.


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