Heaven’s Secret – a Christmas Devotional

For thousands of years, it was Heaven’s best-kept secret. Only slight hints were whispered from time to time, visions to one prophet, words to the next. Spaced over hundreds of years, the image that was slowly built, frame upon frame, was disjointed and difficult to understand.

But Heaven knew. The angels knew. I wonder how the messengers kept it a secret. At times, I wonder if they were bursting with the news. When they would visit earth to relay a message to the prophets of old, I wonder if it was difficult for them to keep quiet. “It will not be long now,” I wonder if they wanted to say. “He is coming soon. Your deliverer. And guess what His name is?”

But one day, one night, He was born.

Jesus. A name that means “God saves.”

From the dawn of time, He knew that He would save. Heaven had only to wait for the time appointed, when He would traverse time and space to enter a virgin’s womb and be born of her in a stable.


This reading is taken from Finding Christ in the Carols, inspired by lyrics from well-known Christmas Carols. Available for only $2.99 this month, this devotional will help you find refreshing moments of devotion and reflection during the busy holiday season.


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