A Christmas Prayer

Sometimes the striving and sorrow seem too much. Sometimes the poverty and pain I see make me wonder where You are, and why You can’t do anything.

I know You have granted freedom and we do the wrong things. I understand that, but when innocent are hurt, it is as though I can hear the whole world groaning, crying out for deliverance.

But You cried out for deliverance too, as You hung on a cross. And Your only deliverance was death. What a humiliating end for the Son of God.

It was all part of that incomprehensible plan that enabled You to save our hearts here and now. Today. And You will heal the whole world one day, making it new and pure as it once was.


This reading is taken from Finding Christ in the Carols, inspired by lyrics from well-known Christmas Carols. Available for only $2.99 this month, this devotional will help you find refreshing moments of devotion and reflection during the busy holiday season.


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