The Greatest Gift of All – A Christmas Devotional

The Greatest Gift

Heavenly Father, my life is full of so many words. Sometimes I feel I am bombarded by them. On billboards. On my computer screen. In books and on tablets. In the newspapers and running along the bottom of my TV screen. So many words. So many messages, often conflicting.

But Your Son was not just a word. He is the Word.

And one Christmas, He was willing to be made flesh, so that we on earth could behold His glory. His glory so much more than a Word. His presence, full of grace and truth.

Let the Word of God, let Christ the Lord become real in my heart today, Father.

No matter what gifts come and go this Christmas – or any other Christmas – let me remember the greatest gift of all. When He pleads, let me answer with my heart. And with my life.


This reading is an excerpt of a devotional from Finding Christ in the Carols, a devotional inspired by lyrics from well-known Christmas Carols. Available as an e-book on Amazon, Finding Christ in the Carols will help you find moments of personal devotion and reflection during the busy holiday season.


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