What Child is This? – A Christmas Devotional

what child is this

The message that the silent Word pled, He pleads today. To sinners. To Christians. One and the same. To the searching. And the found. So often one and the same.

He pleads for us to find Him, the greatest gift of all.

“What child is this? … This is Christ, the King.”

“The King of kings salvation brings.”

He brings salvation to every heart that embraces this King who was once cradled as a baby. This King “whom shepherds guard and angels sing.”

“What child is this?” the song asks. A worthy question. The world has a right to know. Why the Word, why God, beheld the sky He created through the dim eyes of a newborn, cradled in the embrace of a virgin mother. She held in her arms the greatest mystery the world had never known.


This reading is an excerpt of a devotional from Finding Christ in the Carols, a devotional inspired by lyrics from well-known Christmas Carols. Available as an e-book on Amazon, Finding Christ in the Carols will help you find moments of personal devotion and reflection during the busy holiday season.


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