What is the True Agenda of a Christian?

In recent history, the main leaders of the civil rights movement (Martin Luther King Jr., Ralph Abernathy, Jesse Jackson, Andrew Young) were clergy, and their stirring speeches showed it. Churches black and white provided the buildings, the networks, the ideology, the volunteers, and the theology to sustain the movement.

Martin Luther King Jr. later broadened his crusade to encompass the issues of poverty and opposition to the war in Vietnam. Only recently, as political activism has shifted to conservative causes, has Christian involvement in politics caused alarm. …

Stephen Carter offers good counsel about political activism: To be effective, “gracious” Christians must be wise in the issues they choose to support or oppose. …

What about today? Are we choosing our battles wisely? Obviously, abortion, sexual issues, and the definitions of life and death are issues worthy of our attention. Yet when I read the literature produced by evangelicals in politics I also read about gun rights, abolishing the Department of Education … and term limits for Congress. … Too often the agenda of conservative religious groups matches line for line the agenda of conservative politics and does not base its priorities on a transcendent source. – Philip Yancey, What’s So Amazing about Grace?


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