What Is the Christian’s Main Responsibility in Today’s World?

How can Christians dispense grace in a society that seems to be veering away from God? The Bible offers many different models of response. Elijah his out in caves and made lightning raids on Ahab’s pagan regime; his contemporary Obadiah worked within the system, running Ahab’s palace while sheltering God’s true prophets on the side. Esther and Daniel were employed by heathen empires; Jonah called down judgment on another. Jesus submitted to the judgment of a Roman governor; Paul appealed his case all the way to Caesar.

To complicate matters, the Bible gives no direct advice for citizens of a democracy. … We can hardly ignore the government when, by constitutional right, we comprise the government. And if Christians make up a majority, why not proclaim ourselves a “moral majority” and fashion culture in our own likeness?

When some form of Christian consensus held sway in the United States, these issues were less urgent. Now all of us who love our faith and also our nation must decide how best to express that care. …

I believe that dispensing God’s grace is the Christian’s main contribution. As Gordon MacDonald said, the world can do anything the church can do except one thing; it cannot show grace. – Philip Yancey, What’s So Amazing about Grace?


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