Knowing Him

Names of JesusAnyone who has experienced the grace of the Cross, anyone who has thought long on what the love of the Son of God has wrought in their life, feels the Holy Spirit moving them to do something about it.

But what can we do? There is no “returning the favor.” But there is telling others of that favor. There is spreading the Good News, which is not only a good idea, but a commandment. The Great Commission. We who were dead in sin have been bought to life by the atoning blood of the sacrificial Lamb, and are called to tell others of the life that is found in Him.

But how? Where do we find the strength and the drive to tell others about Christ? Sheer willpower won’t do it, nor will dedication to a cause. Only one thing will ensure the power, the strength, the impetus, the joy of spreading the Good News.

Christ alone.

Only in Him. In resting in Him. In desiring and filling our hearts and souls with Him. In reading of Him through His love letter to us. In recognizing the deep mystery of Jesus foreshadowed throughout the Old Testament, and the wonder of Him fulfilled in the New.

In connecting with Him through prayer. In learning about Him, yes, but not only knowing about Him … knowing Him.

The Lion and the Lamb. The Bread of Heaven and Water of Life. The Root and the Vine. The Son of God and Son of Man.

The Savior.


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