Each Moment – A Precious Gift

What if today was your last day living on this earth? What if you woke up this morning knowing that as a fact?

What would you be doing right now? What would you be spending your last moments on? Who would you be sure to see, or call, or forgive, or ask for forgiveness?

Every minute would be counted as precious, because you would know that you only had a limited number left. All those things you spend so much time worrying and fretting over would seem as non-events, completely superfluous.

One thing would be clear: each moment is a precious gift. Once it passes, it is gone forever.

Each moment is a precious gift. Whether you have only today, or 50 years to live. Every moment that passes is still a moment that will never come again.

How are you spending your days? How are you spending today? How can you make a lasting difference in your life and in the lives of others?


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