A Father’s Day Resolution

The purpose of this blog is to encourage men and women of the faith to follow God closely and pursue His call in their lives in order to help others come to know of God’s love for all. We are, each of us, destined to change the world, if only by changing the little corner where we live and work.

We are called to be “workplace worldchangers.”

It might strike some as odd, then, the topic of this first post being about fatherhood. Yet, it has been said that charity begins at home. For those of us blessed with a family, children . . . they are our primary responsibility, our first focus, our greatest calling. Loving and serving our families is the first step in changing the world.

So on this, Father’s Day, I want to share a resolution. One that is not my own, but that I will adopt as mine. One from a remarkable movie that effectively portrays the calling and responsibility of husbands and fathers – Courageous.

My prayer is that I will live this resolution every day of my life, from this point forward, with courage . . . and love.

A Father's Resolution